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Brus Chambers Commercial Contracts practice –BRUSCCC combines legal knowledge with deep sector experience and a can-do approach covering the full spectrum of commercial and business law issues.

Companies deal daily with a myriad of relationships and contracts that bind them to their suppliers, customers, buyer, seller, business partners, licensors, and distribution, and other strategic partners. Our global Commercial Contracts practice helps structure these relationships and guide clients through the complexities to ensure their contracts provide the necessary framework for success.

In addition to our highly recognised global Technology Transactions and Strategic Sourcing practice, our global Commercial Contracts practice advises Large and SME companies on all manner of business-critical national and international commercial transactions, among them sales, agency and distribution, e-commerce, joint ventures and collaborations, manufacturing, logistics, and licensing arrangements, and university spinouts, to name a few. We represent some of the world's small to largest and most successful businesses across a broad range of industry sectors, from manufacturing to retail, hospitality and leisure, life sciences, and technology, to automotive, financial services, energy, and government contracting.

Contractual accuracy and rigor underpin every aspect of a business. Our commercial lawyers handle all aspects of contractual work, from drafting to negotiation, supporting our client's day-to-day operations, and tackling specific projects.

We advise on a wide variety of contracts, including terms and conditions of the commercial contract; manufacturing agreements; agency, distribution, and franchise arrangements; IP and content licenses; collaboration and joint venture agreements; outsourcing; advertising and sponsorship agreements; consultancy agreements; e-commerce agreements and terms; hotel management agreements; confidentiality agreements;
We regularly draw up standard terms for clients as well as bespoke agreements for more complex transactions and advise on the key aspects of such contracts, including warranties, indemnities, limitations of liability, and liquidated damages.
We assist clients with purchasing arrangements in the context of the public procurement rules, including advising on and drafting framework agreements. In the context of B2C, we help our clients to achieve compliance with consumer rights regulations, including cancellation processes for online sales.

A contract or an agreement can be basic agreement such as agreement for sale of goods or agreement to sell, arbitration agreement if there is an omission under a contract, agreement for providing services, contractor agreement, retainer agreement, hire purchase agreement, pledge agreement,  business center agreement, hire purchase agreement, leave and licence agreement, agreement to sell property, deed of sale, hire purchase agreement, brokerage agreement, memorandum of understanding, collaborations, ventures, confidentiality agreement, non-competition agreement, joint venture agreement, technology transfer, product knowhow agreement, software licence agreement, strategic investment agreement, agreement to supply, swap agreement, dealership agreement, contractual agreements, agreement for maintenance, bill of sale, dissolution of partnership deed, general assignment, guarantee, indemnity agreement,  lease agreement, lease of equipment, partnership agreement, foreign collaboration agreement, agreement between manufacturer and selling agent, agreement between manufacturer and commission agent, manufacturing agreement and all commercial contracts for all industry and sector. Shipping: Demise, time, voyage and space charter agreements and advice thereto, agreement for transportation of cargo, sale, and purchase of vessels including second-hand tonnage, Vessel inspection, on registration and flagging of ships.
We advise on the full range of commercial issues, our general commercial experience includes advising on all commercial contracts across all sectors and industries. across all sectors, on a multi-jurisdictional basis. Advising and drafting of contracts will depend on the type of contract which is customised as per negotiations and requirements of the parties. A contract can be simple or complex, depending on the nature of business and requirements between the contracting parties.

Clients value the caliber of our team, the quality of our legal expertise, and our ability to negotiate robust agreements or support in negotiating robust agreements. Key to our success is the ability to combine the technical skills of our professionals with the business needs of our clients. We proactively help you to understand and deal with issues that arise in a commercial manner that fits in with your business objectives.
High-end and complex contracts encompassed within corporate and commercial work are headed by Uttam Hathi.


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Brus CCC is the Corporate law, Commercial law advisory practice area division of BRUS CHAMBERS

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