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Intellectual Property

For many businesses, intellectual property (IP) is their most valuable asset. Common types of intellectual property rights include patents, copyright, industrial design rights, trademarks, trade dress, and weak contract structured trade secrets rights. Whether a source of revenue in its own right or the basis for a competitive advantage, it is carefully cultivated and fiercely guarded. Often, of course, intellectual property is only as good as the will to exploit and enforce it. Protecting IP assets against unauthorised use and finding potential partners are key components in any successful intellectual property strategy.

Brus CCC has a small team with strong trademarks practice assisting its national and international clients in registering and enforcing their brands locally and globally. Our team also provide counselling and serve clients to minimize the treat of infringement and protect against unfair competition. We prosecute and defend client's trade mark applications in response to the Office Action raised by the Registrar of Trade Marks. If a hearing is set in the matter, we effectively represent our clients in arguments before the Registrar. We also represent client in Courts at appropriate jurisdiction.

Our team advice clients on filing oppositions, draft and file opposition petitions, defend oppositions filed against our clients' trade mark applications, file evidences and attend hearings appointed to decide the opposition. We also render watch services for identifying and recommending to our clients, potential trade mark applications that may be opposed by them.

We often work closely with other specialists within our network to offer end-to-end intellectual property advice. By combining intellectual property specialists from every discipline, we are able to provide counsel on taxation and transfer pricing, licensing management and royalty audits, valuations and corporate finance matters.
Our main areas of IPR practice are:
*     Patents,
*     Copyright,
*     Industrial design rights,
*     Trademarks,    
*     Trade dress,
*     Trade secrets
which include its prior search, creation/registration & maintenance-legal support thereto.We provide following services in trademark search, registration, infringement & litigation: Filing and prosecuting Trade Mark and Service Mark applications at the Indian Trademarks Registry; Filing and prosecuting Trade Mark and Service Mark applications internationally with the cooperation of our foreign associates or under the Madrid Protocol; Infringement and validity opinion; Litigation: opposition, revocation, rectification, appeals, criminal and civil suits for infringement and passing off, anti-counterfeit action; Appellate Board proceedings; Trademark searches locally and internationally; Clearance of title; Domain Name Search; Brand selection advice; Journal watch services; Post-registration services; Renewals; Portfolio Management; Assignment, Licensing and Franchising;

We provide following services in design search, registration, infringement and litigation
Filing and prosecuting applications for registration of Designs; Searches locally and internationally; Infringement and validity opinions; Litigation: cancellation proceedings, appeals, civil suits for infringement; Journal watch services; Post Registration Services; Renewals; Assignment and Licensing; Portfolio Management;

We provide following services in copyright registration, infringement and litigation:
Filing and prosecuting applications for registration of Copyright in India and internationally; Infringement and validity advice; Litigation: Cancellation proceedings, appeals, civil suits and criminal actions for infringement; Anti-piracy measures; Post Registration Services; Assignment, licensing and transfer; Specific agreements

Our litigation services extend to:
Prosecuting and defending civil suits for infringement of trade marks, designs and copyrights; Suits for passing off; Criminal cases for trade marks and copyrights; Anti-piracy measures; Anti-counterfeit actions; Appeals from orders of the patent & trade mark office; Writ petitions.



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Brus CCC is the Corporate law, Commercial law advisory practice area division of BRUS CHAMBERS

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