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International Trade

BrusCCC has a strong law advisory practice Shipping and  International trade.

Government actions increasingly affect companies involved in the global trade of goods and services. Whether governments are negotiating multilateral, regional, or bilateral trade agreements, or revising national laws and regulations, the involvement of governments has a direct impact on the rules governing international trade. While the ultimate goal may be a more liberalized trading system, the immediate result is just as likely to be a thicket of rules, procedures, and exceptions. This can mean an even more difficult business environment.

We help clients manage the risks and maximize the opportunities associated with the increasing regulation of international trade in goods and services. Our practice extends throughout the globe and provides a range of services designed to match the scope of global trade regulation and to answer the needs of our clients wherever and whenever they arise. The lawyers and other professionals in our Corporate Commercial trade practice believe the best way to serve our clients is through the use of interdisciplinary teams. This approach increases our efficiency and allows us to address our clients' trade issues with the best possible talent in our network quickly and effectively.

Corporate Commercial team offers a comprehensive service covering the full range of commercial contracts and trading arrangements aimed at the shipping industry and being a shipping specialist advises on all aspects of international trade including sale of goods and letters of credit, documentary credits (UCP 600), trading terms and conditions (INCOTERMS), Customs, Intellectual property, vessel registration, vessel mortgage registration.
Practice highlights
    An interdisciplinary global trade practice with lawyers and trade professionals
    An active practice helping companies facing national and multinational export control restrictions and sanctions
    Broad experience assisting companies in defending their intellectual property rights
    A global team to assist companies related to customs matters, anti-dumping
    Trade due diligence advice to assist corporate clients including M&A transactions, asset acquisition, vessel acquisition, and sale.


About us

Brus CCC is the Corporate law, Commercial law advisory practice area division of BRUS CHAMBERS

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