Court fees are calculated in India as per the CourtFees statute of the state where the matter is instituted. In Maharashtra the Court fees as per Schedule I - Table of Rates of ad volorem fees leviable on the institution of suits. of The Bombay Court Fees ACT, 1959 are as:

From claim value Rs 1,00,000 onward the fees increase @ Rs 200 for every Rs 10,000 or part thereof upto Rs 11,00,000 and over Rs. 11,00,000 @ Rs 1,200 for every Rs 1,00,000 or part thereof upto a maximum fee of Rs 3,00,000. Select the claim value of the subject matter to see the proper fee leviable on the institution of suits, etc.

Claim ValueCourt Fees (Rs)

                   - Legal500, 2012

Uttam Hathi- Leading Mergers & Acquisition Lawyer
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Uttam Hathi- Leading Corporate/ M&A Lawyer in India
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'..exceptional at Corporate and project work, Uttam Hathi is considered at the top of his game'
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‘ a dominant force within Indian admiralty, maritime and shipping market’
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‘..has distinguished strengths in shipping claims’
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Firm History

  • 1992, Established Brus Chambers at Mumbai
  • 2002, Associate office at New Delhi
  • 2003, Associate office at Ahmedabad
  • 2004, Associate office at Bangalore
  • 2005, Associate office at Bhubaneshwar
  • 2006, Associate office at Chandigarh
  • 2007, Associate office at Chennai
  • 2008, Associate office at Hyderabad
  • 2009, Associate offices at Kochi and Kolkata
  • 2010, Associate offices at Madurai and Vishakapatnam
  • 2011, Associate office at Raipur
  • 2012, Associate offices at Port and Capital City in all States of India
  • 2015, Established wholly owned subsidiary law firm in the United States of America with offices at New York, New Jersey and Missouri
  • 2016, BrusCCC | Independent corporate commercial & Contracts practice area division of Brus chambers housed in a seperate premises launched