For many businesses, intellectual property (IP) is their most valuable asset. Common types of intellectual property rights include patents, copyright, industrial design rights, trademarks, trade dress, and weak contract structured trade secrets rights. Whether a source of revenue in its own right or the basis for a competitive advantage, it is carefully cultivated and fiercely guarded. Often, of course, intellectual property is only as good as the will to exploit and enforce it. Protecting IP assets against unauthorised use and finding potential partners are key components in any successful intellectual property strategy.
BrusCCC team and network of intellectual property lawyers advises clients on all aspects of intellectual property practice, from creation, protection through exploitation, enforcement and management to disposal. In addition to our core intellectual property advisory, licensing and dispute services, our specialists have a wealth of experience advising on myriad intellectual property issues, the better to support commercial, operational and business change including tax restructurings. We have unrivalled experience in validating and implementing multi-jurisdictional reorganizations, particularly dealing with ownership issues and cross-border risks.
We often work closely with other specialists within our network to offer end-to-end intellectual property advice. By combining intellectual property specialists from every discipline, we are able to provide counsel on taxation and transfer pricing, licensing management and royalty audits, valuations and corporate finance matters.
Our main areas of IPR practice are:
*     Patents,
*     Copyright,
*     Industrial design rights,
*     Trademarks,
*     Trade dress,
*     Trade secrets
which include its prior search, creation/registration & maintenance-legal support thereto.