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Fast-moving international businesses often re-organise their corporate structures and operations to take advantage of operational efficiencies and achieve cost savings. This may be accomplished via a corporate simplification exercise, designed to reduce and consolidate the number of entities the organisation has globally; a transformation in the way in which the business operates its supply chain, manufacturing operations or distribution network and the territories in which such functions are carried out; or a re-organisation of the way in which the group finances, its operations. International groups need to create new entities under Foreign Direct Investment, consolidate new entities acquired, and often undertake re-organisations prior to disposals to package a business for sale. These are the base arenas of operations of a corporate lawyer.

As an integrated approach, our Corporate Commercial Contract network has developed considerable practical experience and expertise in advising international groups on such structuring transactions. A significant component of this practice and area of experience is corporate legal advisory and transactional practice which covers advising on day-to-day business legal issues, diverse corporate legal affairs, formation of legal entities in India and overseas, corporate transactional matters, commercial contracts, and documentation. We deliver sector knowledge and insight in tandem with a full range of the Corporate Commercial Contract practice areas such as regulatory, intellectual property, technology, dispute resolution, and employment. Often working as a combined team, we can ensure that projects are planned, and executed, taking account of all relevant corporate and commercial legal matters with the necessary tax law input.
Our practice areas transcend across:
*Structuring of investment vehicles;
*Subsidiaries & Joint Ventures;
*Technology transfers & licensing;
*Technical assistance & services arrangements;
*Governmental & regulatory policies, approvals, and compliance.
Dispute resolution practice being litigation and arbitration is integrated in our practice area as it is necessarily not a  stand-alone practice area. Our practice spreads across a wide spectrum of sectors on all areas of corporate laws commercial laws including sectors as shipping, real estate, banking, marine insurance, finance, intellectual property.


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Brus CCC is the Corporate law, Commercial law advisory practice area division of BRUS CHAMBERS

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