Dispute resolution - Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation
As a specialised law firm our Corporate Commercial dispute resolution is within our specialised practice areas, BrusCCC Corporate Commercial practice area of Brus Chambers has enormous experience litigating, arbitrating mediating and resolving disputes. Our Corporate commercial dispute resolution team represent international and local clients in obtaining legal solutions in complex commercial and contractual disputes, Intellectual property disputes, disputes pertaining to Real estate/ property.

After a thorough analysis of the law and facts, we work with our clients to fashion the right approach: is the dispute appropriate for aggressive litigation. Our team take a practical, commercial approach on the problem in hand.

Our firm is known to deliver accurate, commercial advice quickly, to international and local clients. If the dispute covers multiple jurisdictions, our local experts on the ground can quickly form an team for international or local dispute resolution including arbitration, if the dispute is agreed for arbitration. Our long experience means we know what to expect and how to achieve results. We never lose sight of the need to tailor our approach to the needs of the client we are representing, whether they are a large corporate undertaking or a smaller enterprise.

Contracts are the framework of virtually every business enterprise. Disputes within a business, between two businesses or between a business and internal or external clients can and usually will cost time and money. In certain cases, a business or commercial dispute can even cause significant harm to the market reputation of the business. At Brus Chambers, we understand that timely resolution of a business or commercial dispute is paramount to preserving the legal and business interests of clients.

Whether the desired outcome is a court-ordered injunction or cease and desist order, a form of financial remedy, or successful defense against such sought-after remedies, our lawyers at Brus Chambers, are dedicated to protecting client interests in commercial litigation and other legal matters.

Pro bono litigation practice on disbursement costs only are available at the discretion of the firm.
Our arbitration practice is a core area of practice. The team act as arbitrators and counsel in arbitral proceedings. We actively participate and / or support international arbitration. We advise our clients on the pros and cons of using arbitration, the different geographical options available and the options for tailoring arbitration clauses to the needs of different contracts, parties, geographies and legal systems.

BrusCCC has experience of regulatory investigations. Our financial regulation group advises financial institutions on legal and regulatory risk, and we use our skills and experience to investigate even the most complex of issues and to advise our clients when they face regulatory action. A particular strength is co-ordinated our multi-jurisdictional presence, which means we possess the resources and cultural sensitivity to conduct global investigations and to harmonise the reaction to regulatory investigation in numerous jurisdictions.

We focus on the essential with a view to achieving success whether through settlement or a fight as soon as possible and as cost effectively as possible.
Dispute resolution of all commercial disputes including:
(i) ordinary transactions of merchants, bankers, financiers and traders such as those relating to mercantile documents, including enforcement and interpretation of such documents;
(ii) export or import of merchandise or services;
(iii) issues relating to admiralty and maritime law;
(iv) transactions relating to aircraft, aircraft engines, aircraft equipment and helicopters, including sales, leasing and financing of the same;
(v) carriage of goods;
(vi) construction and infrastructure contracts, including tenders;
(vii) agreements relating to immovable property used exclusively in trade or commerce;
(viii) franchising agreements;
(ix) distribution and licensing agreements;
(x) management and consultancy agreements;
(xi) joint venture agreements;
(xii) shareholders agreements;
(xiii) subscription and investment agreements pertaining to the services industry including outsourcing services and financial services;
(xiv) mercantile agency and mercantile usage;
(xv) partnership agreements;
(xvi) technology development agreements;
(xvii) intellectual property rights relating to registered and unregistered trademarks, copyright, patent, design, domain names, geographical indications and semiconductor integrated circuits;
(xviii) agreements for sale of goods or provision of services;
(xix) exploitation of oil and gas reserves or other natural resources including electromagnetic spectrum;
(xx) insurance and re-insurance;
(xxi) contracts of agency relating to any of the above.
Sectorially we can help with: Casualty (GL, EL, PL/Industrial Risk); Construction; Energy (Onshore/Offshore); Financial Institutions; Management Liability (D&O, Fiduciary Liability); Marine Insurance; Marine Personal Accident; Political Risk/Trade Credit; Professional Indemnity; Property; Specialty (specie, fine art, jeweller's block, cancellation); TMT/IPR/Cyber risks; War & Terrorism.
In Litigation, we handle matters before the courts, quasi-judicial authorities, and tribunals including:
1. Supreme Court of India;
2. High Courts of various States;
3. District Courts;
4. National Company Law Tribunal;
5. Sector Regulators (telecom; electricity; ports; petroleum and natural gas)Telecom & Electricity and their Appellate Authorities;
6. Banking Tribunals;
7. Environmental Tribunals including National Green Tribunal;
8. Competition Commission and its Appellate Authority;
9. Board and Appellate Tribunal Authority for Industrial & Financial Reconstruction;
10. Anti-Dumping Authorities; and
11. Consumer Protection Fora.